Renée has always been an inspiration to me, I take pride in calling her my best friend. From running on the beach at home in Oz, surfing reef breaks, Kundalini yoga or hiking up a hill in Italy, she has always been right by my side pushing me harder to my limits. Through Pilates, yoga, nutrition, health and her many years of experience in fitness I know she is one of the best well rounded ambassadors I have ever met around the globe. When I am with her I want to be a better person and a greater athlete.

—Claire Bevilacqua. Pro Surfer, Former World number 6 and Pipeline Master.


Private sessions with Renée have helped to make my (slightly uncomfortable) pregnancy a comfortable and enjoyable time in my life. Learning how to breathe properly and support my growing baby bump and back has made life so much easier to deal with the huge changes my body is undergoing during this first pregnancy.
A couple of hours with Renée a week improves my mind, body and soul and gives me time and energy to enjoy the things I should be doing in preparation for baby number one. Renee’s attention to detail is impeccable. Her concentration on how I’m feeling and how my body is responding to every movement always inspires an overall happiness for my day ahead.
Also being a longtime best friend with Renée I have been lucky enough to watch her go from strength to strength and not only achieve her dreams but I believe become the best Pilate’s instructor and fitness specialist in Perth.

—Sam Wyllie, Perth


Ren’s enthusiasm and love for Pilates is inspiring and evident in all of her classes. Her classes are full of energy and lots of fun; you’re always guarenteed to try to something new and get a great workout. Ren is passionate about ensuring we get what we want from each session and more importantly we are seeing results.

—Peri, Perth


It was suggested that I should try Pilates for some “tightening of the girth” and to assist with some minor back issues. Being a little bit “ladsie” (an Aussie ‘bloke’) I would be lying if I said wasn’t dubious….Enter Renée.
The lessons include the energetic, up beat and positive hands on approach with a sensible dialogue of what is actually happening to assist in your own interpretation of the process. Renée’s ability to hold a class and make you feel like it is a private lesson is done seamlessly. Accompany that with what I consider almost instant results. Full marks Ren!

-Daniel, Perth


Ren’s classes are physically challenging but relaxing on the mind. Her positive energy is contagious and makes for a highly enjoyable and dynamic class.

—Emm, Perth


Renee’s classes are really friendly and enjoyable. I feel I have learnt so much and improved my core strength significantly.

—Sarah, Perth


Renée’s Pilates classes.. An ideal way to start the day. I always feel like I push myself yet walk away feeling invigorated.

—Carolyn, Perth


Freestyle, fun, personalised Pilates.

—Kate, Perth


Renée always ensures a technique based functional workout that is energising, light hearted and fun! Her focus on results and attention to technique is sharp however she always ensures the session is fun and enjoyable while still pushing you to your limits.

—Genevieve, Melbourne


Renée was my first ever trainer nearly 10 years ago. Renée always had a different session for me – her sessions inspired me to be a fitness enthusiast. Today I am teaching Pilates in London and still doing other various workouts. Thanks Ren for the inspiration.

—Summer, London UK


Renée’s teaching is clear concise and informative. This together with her personal form has been inspiring and helpful to me for my studies.

—Stephanie, Polestar Pilates Graduate Perth